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How Much Is Too Much? Marijuana Prices

01 Apr How Much Is Too Much? Marijuana Prices

You may be new to smoking or wondering if you’ve been paying too much. On one hand, the price is whatever you’re willing to pay to get high. On the other hand, it’s important to know enough to not get steam rolled.

When using an illegitimate dealer there aren’t a lot of options. In states without legalized marijuana, there isn’t a second dispensary around the corner to shop around at.

Different non-legalized states can have varying prices depending on amount and demand. For your specific state, Price of Weed has a full U.S. map of user submitted prices.

This can give you a good idea of if you’re paying too much or have a reputable dealer. The map even shows you varying prices for good quality, medium quality, and low quality marijuana.

For states with legal medical and non-medical marijuana, there are much better options. Since it’s 2015, most decent dispensaries and distributors will have a website. This allows you to compare prices and products and get exactly what you need.

For example, an ounce of high quality weed in California averages $245. Do your research and find out if that is what you can expect in your area. Better yet, use coupons! (Yes, marijuana coupons exist just like grocery coupons exist.)

Most people, myself included, don’t have a bunch of extra money to throw around. This is why understanding price is so important. Find your favorite dispensary or distributor and quickly Google search any coupons or specials.

Bonus, there are websites like that collaborate this stuff for you. Have I mentioned you should do research? Don’t be a victim of the marijuana boom. Find reputable dealers with great prices. They do exist.

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