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Marijuana in 2015 | Myth vs. Fact

01 Apr Marijuana in 2015 | Myth vs. Fact

Since the beginning of time, people have formed opinions and spouted concerns not based in fact. Humans are not entirely at fault due to ever-changing studies and new information that is impossible to keep up with. Marijuana use is no different. Let’s take some of the hype away and debunk two huge myths with facts.

Myth: Marijuana is a gateway drug.

The term “gateway drug” has been preached in every middle school science class for as long as most can remember.

The implications of the name state that by using marijuana, teenagers and adults everywhere will be pushed onto a slippery slope that ends in Meth, Heroine, or Crack Cocaine.

Fact: A California Study showed that marijuana discouraged the use of hard drugs. Over 4,000 regular Marijuana users participated in a five-year study regarding their Marijuana use. It revealed that these users had the same percent of college degrees, steady jobs, and family/work balance than non-users.

The study also showed that 90% of the regular users had a decrease in alcohol consumption by 50%. More importantly, it found that most participants with a history of various drug use utilized marijuana solely.

Myth: Marijuana is as addictive as Cocaine or Heroine.

Whether it’s a mother or a grandma, most marijuana users have heard this from someone. To people saying this, check out the fact below.

Fact: A 2007 report shows that only 9% of marijuana users develop dependence.
Three Ph.D wielding researchers identified this user result in comparison to a 15% user addiction rate to cocaine and 24% user addiction rate to heroine.

Half of the dependent users were reported to be under 25 years old and had a similar profile with “associated problems.”

Spread the word, and start turning ugly myths into facts. Stay up to date. Information is the key to changing the stigma around marijuana.

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