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The Glorious History of Marijuana

01 Apr The Glorious History of Marijuana

People are finally waking up to the idea that marijuana, legal or non, is here to stay. Anyone familiar with the history of this wonderful plant knows it’s about time! Marijuana has been around for years. How many years? A lot.

Cannabis seeds have been found in Siberian burial mounds dated all the way back to 3,000 B.C. It is believed to have originated in hunters and gatherers dump areas, which were nutrient rich and made the plant flourish.

History reveals that Cannabis was used for medicinal purposes and spiritual rituals. It was used for everything from tooth pain to labor pains.

A few invasions and thousands of years later, Cannabis was brought through Russia, Europe, Africa, South America, and last but not least America and Canada in 1910.

After a long, happy history throughout the world, the United States took only 5 years to begin to criminalize it. Part of that issue was a lack of understanding regarding Cannabis sativa and Cannabis sativa L. The first being marijuana and the latter being hemp.

After the illegalization of Cannabis in Utah circa 1915, the first commissioner of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, Harry Aslinger, made marijuana illegal throughout the United States with the 1937 Marijuana Tax Act. And that’s where we stand today.

In the United States, marijuana is still classified as a controlled substance in the same category as LSD. This means it is stated to have no medical uses and no safe/appropriate level of use. Now that we know both these things to be incorrect, changes are coming.

With medical-marijuana legalized in 24 states and recreational use legalized in 4, the United States is finally catching up.

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